YANNIS Serebryanaya Mechta of Mamgiory

Il nostro primo gatto siberiano di gruppo 2 di inbreeding 0% assoluto

Group: 2 (Clean Genealogy Project)

Born: 01.08.2014

Color: SIB ns 24 09 - Black Silver Tabby Spotted with White

Title: CH (WCF) - Campione WCF

Tests: no cp gene - C/C, blood group A ; FIV(2021), FeLV(2021), HCM(2018,2020), PKD(2018) - negativ

Parents: CH WCF Ozar Serebryanaya Mechta / Orchidea

Mamgiory Voron

Gatto siberiano di gruppo 2 di

inbreeding 0% assoluto

Group: 2 (Clean Genealogy Project)

Born: 18.04.2020

Color: SIB n 09- nero solido con bianco

Tests: https://mycatdna.com/  (2021)

no cp gene - C/C, blood group A ; FIV(2021), FeLV(2021), HCM(2021), PKD(2021) - negativ

Test dei genitori: no cp gene - C/C; HCM, PKD, FIV, FeLV – negativ

Parents: Mamgiory Nando + Baronessa Snowstorm of Mamgiory

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